nice to e-meet you

Hey, I’m Sonia.

I write authentic, personality-packed copy to woo your customers faster than Barry White.

(Cue: smouldering saxophone …)

* Actual skin not this blue.

“I love them!
Honestly, I don’t know how I survived before you became my voice…
Thanks so much Sonia.”

Lynda Renwick – The hCG Diet Australia

Imagine you’re a rockstar on stage
(yes, you can wear the tight leather pants …).

What if you could turn all the corner-table lurkers into front-stage groupies – without having to strike a single key?

That’s kinda how my copywriting works.

I find better words to represent your brand (and hook more customers) – while you get to carry on with all the stuff you do best.

It’s the perfect duet!

We’ll be like Livvy and Travolta.  Sort of.

Sonia’s clever words and quick wit were perfect for my Insta captioning. She’s a cool chick and I highly recommend her if you want some social media awesomeness.

Hoysie Hoy – The Underdogs Pet Minding

8 frivalous facts

  1. At the age of 8, I firmly decided that I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John (it’s a work in progress).
  2. I went to a private country boarding school. Just like Hogwarts, only without the fun … or magic. Or the whole killing thing.
  3. I have a burning desire to own a tiki bar. And a corgi.
  4. I can’t roller-skate, cartwheel, or cook.
  5. I can sing, juggle, and twirl a mean baton.
  6. My favourite party trick is signing the deaf alphabet while naming the phonetic callsigns (nerd alert!).
  7. I have a covetable flamingo collection. That’s right – a flamboyance of flamingos!
  8. My favourite Netflix show is Stranger Things (it’s 80s and nerd).

“A creative genius! Sonia has completely transformed the way our customers perceive our brand. A dream to work with and an invaluable part of our business.”

Crystal Smith – Gloweave Career

why work with me?

Cos, I got skills … they’re multiplyin’ … (sorry)

Here’s why I’m the right fit for you:

Any credentials and stuff?


And so far I’ve helped savvy businesses like yours create crowd pleasing: 



landing pages

book previews

video scripts

product descriptions

nurture emails

social media content

about pages



website copy

Want in on this?

“It’s ace!  Love this.  No other feedback required.”

Summer Lee – Vinomofo

where did i come from?

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up – my answer was resolute.

Olivia Newton-John (duh). 

Which is why I skipped uni and went straight to music college. 

And I was sure I’d have a couple of ARIAs and an interview with Molly by now.

Then, why on earth copywriting??

Well … I didn’t magically become Sandy from Grease (shocking, I know).  So, that wasn’t gonna pay the bills.

But lucky for me (and you!), I still had a couple of other tricks in my bag.

A few good years at drama college, and I could easily step into another person’s shoes (your customer).

Then there was a stint of psych at Sydney Uni that showed me what makes people tick (also your customer).

And the songwriting that honed all this into concise, colourful stories (your copy).

Put them all together and – voila!    

(But I still won’t say ‘no’ to a good karaoke sesh).

Ready to make a special request?

well written words are music

– William Shatner