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Don’s Party: The Draper Guide to Ad Copy

Don Draper.  What a guy!  With a happy knack of swanning in and saving the advertising day. But how did he always come up with such an effective pitch?  Just what was in his secret sauce?

Aside from his swoon-worthy swagger and dashing smile, it’s simple.  He understood the psychology behind the purchasing mind of the consumer.

Although charmingly broody for the most part, Don intuitively saw past what the client thought they wanted, straight to the core of their target audience.  Rather than settle for surface-level slogans, he went deeper into the psyche of the customer to connect with their base desires.

You see – people don’t buy with their head; they buy with their emotions. 

Think of a television, for example.  Sure, someone in the market for a new TV would almost certainly do their research on what size they need, how slick the sound system is, whether it has any movie extras.

But if you strip away the logic, what they’re ultimately searching for is convenience, comfort, entertainment, and downtime.  Perhaps it’s a yearning for status or approval.

One shopper may be thinking about the whole family finally spending time together at the end of a long week; another anticipates cosying up to a new love interest in front of the open fire.  It’s a whole lot more than just buttons on a remote.

Ultimately, advertising is selling happiness.  It’s providing validation for our choices and actions.  And good creative copy is capable of reaffirming our values and beliefs.

Don didn’t always find complete happiness in his personal life, but when it came to client chemistry, he was the life of the Madison Avenue party.