Want to know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube? I’m afraid I never quite mastered that one.

But I can help with lots of other things.

Yes.  At least, that one is.

If you’re hoping for a $5 quick fix (looking at you, Fiverr), I’m not your gal.  As for one-size-fits-all?  That’s what muumuus are for.  But I reckon you came here for some custom-created cool.  So, hit me up for a personalised, no BS quote that best fits your budget (hint: your wallet won’t spontaneously combust).

Only if we’re talkin’ flatpacks (d’oh!).  But writing stuff?  That simply depends on workload and project size.  Sometimes I’m Speedy Gonzales.  Sometimes things can take a few weeks.  But I’ll always aim for schmick.  If you need super urgent copy, a 20% rush fee ensures I can focus solely on your project to meet that sneaky deadline.

By having a quick chat* (phone / email / walkie-talkie) to get a feel for what you need.  Then I’ll send you an estimate of project time and cost (the proposal).  In the meantime, grab a Shandy and let’s cheers to rocking your sweet-as brand.

* “strategy session” & “discovery call” free zone.

Yep (soz).  A thumbs up on the proposal is the first step.  Then it’s time to fill out a client brief – which is a nifty questionnaire that helps me get to know your biz a bit better.  The juicier the details you include, the easier the process.

By all means!  I’m open to your suggestions – though, if I think the wording could be better, I’ll offer my honest feedback.  I also include 2 rounds of revision in my initial quote – so feel free to shoot me your ideas. 

If you need to pull the plug – no problemo.  But I’ll have to invoice you for any work already completed. And I’ll maintain copyright ownership until the funds are received.  If you’re not happy with the copy, I’ll make every effort to put a smile back on your dial before we throw in the towel (but without this many clichés). 

While I’m no hardcore SEO ninja, I can sprinkle some of the basic search terms throughout the copy (saving you a bit of time and money).  The keyword info you provide on the client brief will help me with this.

I mean … have you seen those white roller boots??

Several!  But my favourite was rockin’ out as Deb Harry in a Blondie band   #callme

It’s my preferred style – but I can add a little milk if it’s too strong.  This is all about you & the best fit for your brand.  We’ll make sure it’s less Hammer pants, more slim-fit Levis. 

I’m in (sometimes) sunny Bayside Melbourne.  Though, if you’re picturing me lounging on the beach with my laptop and Pina Colada – I hate to disappoint you.  I’ll be shamelessly working on my moon tan.

No way, Jose!  I write words that sell.  Whereas copyright is all about legal ownership – which is not what goes down here.  For more on that, you can take a squiz at these guys https://www.copyright.com.au/about-copyright/.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

“Sonia will be my go-to person for future copywriting and I highly recommend she be yours.” 

Bev Leahy – Boho Child Clothing