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St Valentine – a copywriter’s sweetheart

Just a man … with a man’s courage. Nothing but a man, who could never fail …
Oh, um … sorry. I got carried away. That’s Flash Gordon.

And Valentine? He was also just an ordinary man. A priest – but a man, no less. It turns out he was just a good guy who showed a lot of compassion for the persecuted Christians, and thus, became somewhat of a martyr. The people had an annual feast in his memory – on February 14th.

But he was no Sir Lancelot the Brave, or Sir Galahad the Pure.

He claims the proud honour of being dubbed St Valentine the Sensationalised.

It was 14th-century poet and author, Geoffrey Chaucer, who first associated The Feast of Saint Valentine celebrations with romantic love.

And, my word, didn’t this open up a nice big juicy can of worms?

In the 18th century, the tradition of courtly loved flourished. The age was rife with expressions of devotion in the form of flowers, confectionary, and greeting cards.

Today, of course, the date has become synonymous with making a sale. Through blatant commercialism, it has probably completely lost its true meaning. There is now a certain pressure for lovers to exchange these ubiquitous, sugar-coated profit-oriented trappings, given they are in your face on every shelf in every store months in advance.
So, when it comes to marketing and advertising, it’s a copywriter’s paradise.

Whether the approach is super cheesy or uniquely heartfelt, there are countless sentiments awaiting creation.
Website updates, catalogues, signage, promo emails, greeting cards – you name it. There’s probably even a gig for ghostwriting love letters.

Many have gone to great lengths when it comes to the affairs of the heart. It cannot be left to chance. Sending the right message could be the difference between pure happiness and love lost.

The world needs this stuff and there are writers only too happy to deliver.